Creativity at Rest Tends to Remain at Rest

I think everyone is at least vaguely familiar with Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. I realize there is a good chance that I just lost half of you who read that first sentence, but if you’ve made it this far, hang in there. One of Newton’s three laws states that an object at rest remains at rest until an external force acts upon it. I think that is the first of Newton’s laws, but I don’t remember for sure and I’m too lazy to google it.
Today, it dawned on me that this law also applies to my creativity. Specifically, my creativity at rest remains at rest until an external force acts upon it. And that is exactly the case right now, and I’m searching for an external force. Several posts ago, I wrote that I’m struggling to rekindle my creative drive after an extended sedentary period. I don’t remember exactly when I posted it and I’m too lazy to find it in my list of posts. Whenever it was, I’m sure I lamented the fact that I was in a creative dry spell. I couldn’t think of any good stuff to write. My photographs seemed flat. I didn’t seem to be moving forward. Even after going to China! My creative juices had evaporated. Well, the drought is threatening to blossom into a full-fledged dust bowl. My creativity has been at rest and it continues to be at rest. Damn you, Isaac Newton!
So, in an effort to overcome this inertia, I recently started taking at least one picture each day. It can be with my iPhone or my digital SLR. It can be a landscape or anything else. Any topic is fair game. The only constraint is that it has to be a creative photograph (i.e., it can’t be a documentary-type image). It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just creative. So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying it!
Of course, the images aren’t the type of images that I usually share here (i.e., mountains, streams, sand dunes, trees, etc.), but I’m going for it. Here are eight recent images that I’ve put together in a collage. I hope you enjoy them. Even if not, I’m sure they are providing the external force I need to move my creativity beyond its sedentary state!
My advice: don’t let your creativity rest, it is difficult to get it moving again!!
Collage iPad


  1. I find this to be absolutely true! That’s why I like our meetup group: to keep going on photowalks even when I don’t “feel like it.”

    The challenge is to keep finding new, or out-of-comfort level things to shoot. It helps to hang out with other photographers and feed off their enthusiasm too.

    Maybe we can come up with a photowalk outing together like “bring a non-photographer-friend to work” day, and go somewhere fun, like a photo safari at the zoo.

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    1. Thanks, Ann, I appreciate that! I think the key to my “creativity block” is just making myself to do something creative even when I don’t feel like it. Sort of like forcing the issue even when I lack the inspiration. I have found that sometimes the inspiration quickly kicks in after just a little nudge. I hope I can keep it up!


  2. Excellent images, Stevie! You shook loose a new wave of creativity in me at Tremont. Surrounding yourself with inspiration — people, places, or things — can make all the difference. Thank you, dear friend.

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    1. Thanks, Val baby! I’m glad to hear that. Thanks for letting me know. It really means a lot to hear that. It is amazing how important other people can be. The mere presence of supportive friends makes all the difference. I’m glad you’re one of mine! 🙂


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